Knowledge circle member

Stephanie Monfils is a knowledge circle member of the Improving Business lectorate.

Job title
Knowledge circle member


Stephanie studied Commercial Economics at Haarlem Business School and Health Sciences at Maastricht University. In 2013 she completed the master’s degree in European Public Health at Maastricht University. In her role as functional manager at Zuyderland Medisch Centrum, she contributed to the design and implementation of the electronic patient file.

Since November 2013, Stephanie has been working as a lecturer at Avans University of Applied Sciences’ People and Technology – Healthcare Technology programme. She provides and develops education, in particular for the Business Administration and Project Skills learning line. She also supervises students during their internship.



Stephanie’s expertise is supporting users in the field of enterprise software. She maps out the wishes of users and translates them into a technical specification for the programmer.



Stephanie researched the exercise behavior of teachers at the Academy for Welfare, Education and Health (AWEG). Together with students from the minor Ergonomic Design and Orthopedic Clinic Amphia, she researched how hospitals can use virtual reality to prepare their patients as well as possible for knee surgery. She would like to conduct further research into the Wmo care applications and the methods used to determine the demand for care.

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