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Lector Marleen Janssen-Groesbeek en onderzoeker Tahis Marti
June 28, 2023

New materials presented for finance education

During the closing event of the INTEGRES project, researchers from Avans' Centre of Expertise for Broad Prosperity and New Entrepreneurship, Hogeschool Gent, Katholieke Universiteit Lille, Technical University Dublin and University Bologna presented new teaching materials for financial education. Students in finance and management, but also professionals already working in finance and accounting, will learn how to report integrally on more than just financial values.
June 7, 2023

Sign up for the INTEGRES Multiplier event

On 26 June, Avans Hogeschool is organising the Multiplier Event of INTEGRES. In the INTEGRES project, Avans Hogeschool, HOGENT (Belgium), Università di Bologna (Italy), Université catholique de Lille (France) and Technological University Dublin (Ireland) have developed teaching materials that teach students integrated reporting. From today, you can register for the event.
Filmposter Devil's avocado
May 24, 2023

Jan Terlouw and Ilse Warringa in climate film by Avans University of Applied Sciences

The film The Devil's Avocado, starring Jan Terlouw and Ilse Warringa as well as Bert Hana and Joy Verberk, will have its educational premiere at the Groene Peper Festival in Leeuwarden on 26 May. The sustainability event for the education of the future. The entrepreneurial premiere will follow on 13 June at MKB Rotterdam-Rijnmond and BlueCity. Jan Terlouw will address the audience at both premieres.
May 23, 2023

Practice guide transdiciplinary working

Our lecturer Godelieve Spaas contributed knowledge and experience to create the Practical Guide Transdisciplinary Working of The Green Brain Brain and Community Social Circular. The guide provides practical tips and tools rooted in a broad scientific basis. Thus, the guide helps process facilitators, researchers, transition brokers and other change agents on their way in realising a transition.
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